The following is just a small selection of testimonials we have received throughout the years and gives you an idea of what to expect when you choose one of our properties to make your home.

“Todd is an outstanding property manager. I leased one of Todd’s lovely properties for four years. It was always a pleasure working with him - he is extremely personable, responsive, and fair. After a two-decade career in the military with eight different property managers in cities across the United States, Todd has set the high-standard against which I measure all other property managers.”
- Vince S.

“I’ve had the opportunity to interact personally with more than fifteen landlords, property agents, and property managers over many years of leasing residences in several states and overseas. Hands down, Todd was the most professional, efficient, and responsive of any. In addition to a great service ethic, Todd is an impressive businessman. He has unusually deep expertise in real estate, real estate financing, and property operations. If only all professional service providers performed to this standard! I’d strongly recommend him to any owner, investor, partner, or tenant. Thanks, Todd!”
- Barry W.

“Living on Kennebec Avenue was a dream apartment for me; always one of my favorite places I’ve lived. I couldn’t have asked for more from a landlord and I wish you rented out apartments in New York City as well! 🙂 ”
- Laura H.

“Todd, I want to express to you how happy I am in the apartment. This morning, getting ready for work, everything was so convenient. In the little dressing area, I just took two steps over to the kitchen and poured another cup of coffee! I have already put flowers out on my front porch! Happy, happy, happy! Thanks.”
- Pam

“Let me start off by saying what an absolute pleasure it has been to live in one of your beautiful apartments for the past year. Saba and I have truly enjoyed every aspect of the unit and we cannot stress how great you were throughout the whole process. You have always responded to our issues, all minor and none of them your fault, with speed, know-how, and follow through. If only you had properties in Oregon! Thank you for everything. “
- Owen & Saba

“We looked at a dozen apartments before we found this beautiful unit. It was by far the cleanest, most updated, most well-kept place we had seen in our price range – and it had all of the extra things we were looking for! Todd is an excellent landlord: very conscientious, responsive, and helpful. He really goes the extra mile to make sure we have everything we need.”
- Jim T.

I had the pleasure of living in one of Todd’s apartment homes for one year before purchasing my own home.  I have lived in a wide range of rentals from the big chains with the fancy pools to places that were described as “charming” but were anything but!  I have also had the range of landlords from the absentee to the invasive. So, when I say that Todd Allgier is the best landlord I’ve ever had and his rental was the most thoughtful and cared for that I’ve ever lived in-this is a very informed opinion.  The care that Todd puts into being a landlord is evident from the very start.  He carefully went over the lease to make sure that I understood everything.  And his responsiveness doesn’t end there-he will typically reply to any email within the day and any service required is also done properly.  He is a very kind and generous man who treats people the way he wants to be treated which is a rare quality.  And fortunately, Todd wants the best in his own home so the tenants reap the benefits of his own home improvements.  From separate heaters in the bedroom and bathroom, the amazing deck (also with a heater), the Nest thermostat, the pocket doors-everything has a purpose to improve your quality of life while you live there.  As well as function, aesthetically, Todd’s homes are a cut above the typical rentals with beautiful details in crown molding, decorative tile and lovely hardwood floors.  As a single renter, I particularly appreciated the safety measures that Todd has installed with a camera and buzzer system for deliveries and guests.  Todd also does a fantastic job of renting to nice people and I still count my neighbors as close friends.  Now that I have my own home, I particularly appreciate the quality of Todd’s properties and am incorporating some of his innovations into my house. I recommend Todd without reservation as a landlord and his properties as a home-you simply could not do better!

Lisa S. 2017

“I’m moved in now, finally! And loving it. It’s an amazing apartment and I love walking into it every night.”
- Amy H.

“Todd Allgier was the best landlord imaginable when I needed a small, quiet apartment as a transitional living space between bouts of homeownership. I appreciated the care he took with selecting tenants, the tasteful renovation of the living spaces he managed between tenants, and his quick response to emergencies.”
- Bonnie D.

“My wife and I have experienced apartment living for more than 20 years between us. Todd has been by far the best landlord we have had. He has always been extremely accessible and responsive to any of our concerns. It is obvious that he takes a lot of pride in ensuring that all of his apartments and the grounds they are on remain in pristine condition. That becomes evident the first time you meet him and only becomes more obvious the longer you know him. Additionally, Todd goes out of his way to make sure all of his residents feel welcomed and at home in his apartments. He had chocolates and a bottle of wine waiting for us the day we moved into our apartment.

Every holiday since a similar treat has been waiting for us on our doorsteps. My wife and I couldn’t hope for a better landlord and truly feel lucky to be living in one of Todd’s apartments. Thanks for being such a great landlord.”

- John & Lauren

“It’s a joy to rent from someone like Todd. He takes meticulous care of his properties – they come in tip top shape and he personally sees to it. Not only is he very responsive, he even proactively offers to replace items. Todd is great to work with, from requests to paperwork – he often goes out of his way to take care of his tenants. It’s hard not to like and befriend Todd – he’s simply an awesome guy. I reckon myself especially lucky to have rented from him.”
- Martin C.

“I have known Todd Allgier for 25 years. He has been an employee of the firm and is also a very close, personal friend. During the period of time Todd worked for me, he excelled in every aspect of the property management and construction management business. Our company’s expertise is in value-added properties, and Todd played a significant role in many of our ventures with his aptitude for financial management and renovation projects. Todd is exceptional in working with people. A true professional with an excellent understanding of the Washington market and the improvements necessary to enhance value in the specific sub-markets.

He is experienced in evaluating the property’s need for improvements to re-position in its sub-market, in construction management, and in leasing and managing the asset. If Todd were to have an interest, I would love to bring him back to work with me in acquiring assets and re-positioning them in the marketplace.”

-Patricia Blackburn
Gates, Hudson 

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