Looking for a high quality place to live without the crowds?

Allgier Realtor Services

Finding luxury apartments for rent that are reasonably priced can be a challenge in the Washington, DC metro area. This is especially true if you're also looking for an apartment where you don’t have hundreds, or even thousands, of neighbors.  Allgier Real Estate maintains a portfolio of properties that provide a luxury apartment experience without the crowds. Our vacation rental at Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland is a beautiful home in the family friendly natural surroundings of Garret County. 

The apartments we provide to our residents offer a much more private environment than most of the other multi-family properties in our metro area. Think you are giving up something to live in the peaceful surroundings afforded to you by our apartments? Think again. We make sure that many of the amenities at those big buildings are incorporated into our smaller properties.  That means you'll find high-quality hardwood floors, private decks or patios, modern appliances, in-unit washers and dryers, keyless entry, video access control, energy efficient fixtures, and other design features you might expect from a modern high-rise in our smaller, more private buildings.

Apartment Living without the Hassles

Thanks to our success identifying small multi-family residential properties in good markets that are ready for repositioning, we provide tenants with amazing rental apartments at competitive market prices. Our founder handles the acquisition, financing, construction management, marketing, leasing, and ongoing property management himself so that everything is up to his standards and that all questions and concerns can be quickly addressed without you having to go through many layers of communication.

Comprehensive Property Management Services

One of the benefits of living in a rental property is knowing that someone else will be there to ensure the upkeep of the building. Not all property managers, however, are motivated to do their best when it comes to keeping residents satisfied. That’s where our founder stands apart from the rest. Since he oversees all the day-to-day operations of our properties, he works closely with you to quickly understand anything you might bring to his attention.  And in fact, he's frequently on site proactively looking for repairs, maintenance or any other issue to address before our residents even notice! 

Established Relationships for Better Results

Over the years, our founder has developed excellent working relationships with contractors, repair companies, and service providers. This allows us to give each of our residents a fast and high quality response to any concern that may arise during their occupancy.